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Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe symbolises elegance, class, status, and a lifestyle that is distinctly majestic and opulent. The brand draws its name and inspiration from King Louis Philippe of France, who was famed for his generosity of spirit and his appreciation of the arts.

Garments under this brand combined the finest fabrics with designs inspired by the latest global trends, addressing the needs of the style-conscious contemporary male. The entire range of formals, semi-formals, knits, custom-made apparel, and accessories is inspired by the latest European fashion trends.

Louis Philippe was launched in India in 1989. The brand’s Franco-Italian lineage, combined with its focus on global fashion gives it an indisputable premium and an exclusive image. Today, Louis Philippe is a brand leader in formal and quasi-formal wear.

The embellished ‘Crest’ is a sign that the wearer of a Louis Philippe wardrobe has truly ‘arrived’. Today, the ‘Crest’ is prized even more for its focus on luxury, exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, establishing that its wearer is truly a member of ‘The Upper Crest’. The comfort and perfection of the clothing is also evident in their line of elegant shoes, crafted from the finest leather, and their range of innerwear, sourced from the softest cotton.

Louis Philippe has also launched a range of stylish new bags, specially designed keeping in mind the sharp, fashion-conscious, globe-trotting businessman. It has fused style, substance and finesse to create the most practical carry-ons/carryall. The aesthetic range of Business, Messenger and Duffle Bags, iPad case and Laptop sleeves have been created using Italian and Argentine high-quality full-grain cow leather with unique sheen, characteristic and smooth feel.

Louis Philippe products are available at 252 stores, and at the exclusive LP stores created by famous European architect John Marsala. The brand continues to be the leader in retail sales in all leading menswear and department stores. The retail experience is further augmented by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle’s retail chain – Planet Fashion.

Louis Philippe also launched sub-brands including LP and Luxure. LP by Louis Philippe has an exciting range of shirts, trousers, T-shirts, suits, jackets and accessories to put together a youthful wardrobe. Luxure, the masterpiece collection, was created to deliver sartorial elegance for the refined connoisseur. Louis Philippe recently made a foray into the footwear segment, offering more than 40 exciting designs, in an unparalleled width in the formals market.

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