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Van Heusen

Launched in India in 1990, Van Heusen is yet another success story from the Madura Fashion & Lifestyle stable. The brand operates under license to Madura Fashion & Lifestyle in India and South East Asia. A premium lifestyle brand, Van Heusen assiduously follows the company mandate: fashion for the corporate world. The brand’s target audience is the successful, sophisticated, erudite, multi-faceted professional.

For the Van Heusen customer, elegance and style are not just fads, but a philosophy. And therefore, keeping their tastes in mind, Van Heusen was opposed to the conventional nine-to-five formal wear. Instead, the brand makes available a 24/7 self-expression range of garments to their target audience. The Van Heusen range is modern, minimalistic and timeless. It aims to be a complete lifestyle brand. Van Heusen has a few sub brands including VH Woman, V Dot and Van Heusen Sport.

VH Woman
Though initially a men’s couturier, it did not take long for Van Heusen to appreciate that today’s woman is as much a stakeholder as her male counterpart in India’s growth story. The company’s ‘Everyday Couture’ for women recognises that today’s woman straddles many worlds and many roles with ease. The line captures her many facets, and offers her a classy, fashionable wardrobe that is truly unique.

V Dot
With more than half of India’s population under 25, it was not a surprise when Van Heusen moved from targeting only the 25-45 year old businessman. With the introduction of V Dot, which opened up the specialisedclubwear category, Van Heusen also addressed the needs of a younger consumer and a changing lifestyle – one who had disposable income and the attitude to go with it. V Dot offered a range of clothing that was edgy, not reckless, fashionable, not flippant, youthful, not juvenile. It added a bold sophistication to the brand’s design philosophy.

Van Heusen Sport
Van Heusen redefines sport-inspired casual wear with ‘Van Heusen Sport’. Breaking a few rules of traditional sport-inspired wear, the range adds a dash of fashionable modernity to the iconic 60s Ivy League ‘day chic’ look. The result is a whole new genre - Fashion Sport that blends classic American sport fashion with impeccable Italian aesthetics. The result is a fashionable line that can be worn to the office with as much élan as at a Sunday brunch.

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