Van Heusen unveils its Spring/Summer-12 collection

30th March, 2012

~ Dress up this summer with fashion forward collection from Van Heusen ~

Bengaluru: Van Heusen, the world's most fashionable formal wear brand announces the launch of its Spring/Summer-12 collection. This summer, Van Heusen brings more exclusive, sexy and sophisticated designs crafted for the modern, smart and contemporary professional. Van Heusen brings you chic wardrobe solutions for every occasion: be it work, a special occasion, night-out with friends or just a party in town.

Van Heusen - Return of the Mod-Man
This season, Van Heusen draws its inspiration from the mod subculture that originated in London during the 1960s. It brings bohemian sophistication from an era that was driven by tailor-made suits, African-American soul and Jamaican Ska Music, British beat music and motor-scooters and the infamous amphetamine-fuelled all-night dance clubs. There has been a fashion transformation over the decades and fashion pundits have ever since speculated its revival; and this might well be it. At work or not, today's folk are always on the move, and Van Heusen presents fashionable corporate wear that takes into cognisance the current trends.

Van Heusen entered and redefined sport-inspired casual wear in one go with Van Heusen Sport. Adding a dash of fashionable modernity to the iconic 60s Ivy League look, Van Heusen has created a whole new genre - Fashion Sport, which blends classic American sport fashion, with impeccable Italian aesthetics. The look for this season is inspired by nostalgia; it's the Class of 92 reunion and re-energising the past. The Scholar blazer and the Games blazer are two key looks for the season.  The Scholar blazer has the ivy influences with pastels and earthy browns with pop highlights to create a sophisticated sporty geek look. The games blazer is preppy and playful, full of energy, youth and life.

The result: a fashionable line that can be worn to the office with as much as élan as to a Sunday brunch.

Van Heusen Woman - Everyday Couture
Van Heusen Woman is known for its cutting edge contemporariness that makes a statement for the smart woman who is confident and extremely fashionable. The collection is all about flattering the shape, modest colours, and textures - perfect for a bright summer day. Essential whites are made stunning with shades of nude in a hint of powder, snowy mint and beige. Beautiful crochet and light handmade laces form dreamy silhouettes of maxi dresses and corseted sheaths. The collection is a revelation of fashion trends with brilliant tones of ivory, coffee and nude colour blocks.

VDOT - Goes Cinematic!
VDot is the premium international club-wear brand for the self-assured, sexy and sophisticated individual. Designed for the new generation of go-getters, VDot is the essential club-wear brand for the young and restless who wears his confidence on his sleeve. The Work smart, Party hard attitude finds a perfect complement in the brand! This season VDot has gone Cinematic; drawing inspiration from young Hollywood trendsetters and adding a dash of VDot to it by way of eclectic prints and patterns. The colour palette renders a mid-to deep tone in hues of purple progressively veering towards ash pink. The neutral tones in the collection are black and grey, with pops of orange and yellow accents.

Young Hollywood is 'turning it on'. And with a little help from VDot you can too!!!

About Van Heusen
Van Heusen is the country's No. 1 premium lifestyle brand and the No.1 dress shirt brand in the world. With a rich heritage of 128 years, the brand entered India in 1990. It has had the unique distinction of establishing not only the brand, but also the ready-to-wear category in the country. The brand epitomises 'fashion for the corporate', and its design driver is the combination of fashion and elegance. Since its launch in 1990, Van Heusen has consistently tracked and understood the Indian male. In the last two decades the clothing preferences of Indian men have undergone many stages of evolution. At each turning point Van Heusen has stood witness to these changes, and has been ahead of the curve when it has come to forecasting emerging trends and making them accessible to the Indian consumer. For more details, visit

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