Louis Philippe launches its largest retail store in India at Chennai

3rd November, 2011

An exclusive retail experience for all astute consumers!

Chennai: The Louis Philippe story began in the mid-1960s in the United Kingdom when it was launched as the purveyor of fine clothing. Since its launch in India in 1989, the Louis Philippe embroidered Crest has been the mark of infallible prestige.

Louis Philippe has consistently established the mark of grandeur for the contemporary Indian gentleman. It has enhanced its product portfolio to cater to the multi-faceted needs of its consumers and in its current avatar offers shirts, suits, trousers, t-shirts, denims and accessories for every conceivable occasion. The brand offers the finest range of high-quality apparel and its stores have been designed to help our consumers make their fashion choices in the most enjoyable environment.

The Louis Philippe store brings forth world-class ambience to showcase Luxure, Louis Philippe and LP Louis Philippe. The façade and interiors reflect the sophistication, elegance and grandeur that are the pillars of the brand structure. In light pinewood setting, the look and feel of LP Louis Philippe is youthful and fresh with a dash of royal elegance. The dark walnut section surrounded in leather and luxurious leather carpets provides an opulent and plush backdrop for Luxure. The space is decorated with artifacts showcasing the inspirations and the lifestyle of a contemporary, discerning man reflecting a specific point of view.

The hero of the store is its merchandise. The fixture arrangement and the lighting has been done to ensure that they bring forth the design and style elements. Store personnel of the House of Louis Philippe are groomed to be style advisors to all the consumers. It is the staff's endeavour to pamper him for choice and create a personalised ensemble for each customer.

Louis Philippe now launches its largest exclusive brand outlet at Annanagar in Chennai. With 10,000 sq ft of ample space, the store ambience includes perfect music, lighting, temperature and even in-store fragrance. Louis Philippe beautifully weaves together the finest fabric from across the world with designs in tune with the latest fashion trends, and is a permanent fixture in the wardrobes of those who like to be dressed in nothing but the best.

The contemporary signature look is conceptualised by a group of ace designers from New York called ThincTank New York and further enhanced by the in-house team.

Luxure from the House of Louis Philippe
A tribute to Art Nouveau roots, Louis Philippe presents to the discerning gentleman its piece de resistance - Luxure. In the pursuit of delivering sartorial excellence to the true connoisseur, Luxure sublimely blends exquisite craftsmanship and majestic materials with lavish perfection - every stitch, every seam and every button is a masterpiece that exudes the opulence and privilege the crème de la crème deserve.

LP Louis Philippe from the House of Louis Philippe
LP Louis Philippe is a brand for the young, passionate and those driven to carve out their own identity; a generation on the rise and always on the move, dressed in clothes that reflect their individualism and the spirit of freedom. It embodies fashion that craftily blends the old with the new. Inspired by the spirit of motoring, LP Louis Philippe is a seamless fit for the new generation. It is a collection inspired by the old world style, modern sensibilities and a sharp point of view - an invitation to play up their passion in fine style.

Footwear from the House of Louis Philippe
LP Louis Philippe's fine crafted leather shoes and footwear for the youth that embody the spirit of motoring in leather and suede were launched in 2010. This collection of footwear promises the wearer the same elegance and attention to the finest details that are so inextricably wedded to everything that bears the famous crest.

New launches from Louis Philippe
Louis Philippe has launched a unique pro team Golf cup this year in association with the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI). The Louis Philippe Cup is India's richest domestic golf tournament where top ranked professionals and amateurs from eight cities will compete for the title.

The next big step for the brand is the launch of their store in Chennai.

Talking about the brand's latest developments, Mr. Jacob John, Brand Head, Louis Philippe, said, "Louis Philippe has a new story to tell year after year. This year has proved to be hugely successful with the launch of Louis Philippe Golf Cup. We are now looking at successfully launching our largest store in India at Chennai. Louis Philippe does not rest on its laurels and will continue to excite its target audience with innovative and exciting offerings."

Store is located at:
Annanagar 2nd Avenue,
Opposite Ayyappa Temple,

For further information, contact:
Janet Arole
Media Relations - Louis Philippe
M: +91 | 97027 20666