Peter England reinvents with a slew of initiatives

6th October, 2010

Launches `Beginning of good things'

India: Peter England, India's largest and most-loved menswear brand in the mid-priced segment, has launched a slew of initiatives to keep up with its consumers' commitment. The brand has stitched together a well-crafted strategy that highlights three major thrust areas:

        1. Product level
        2. Retail level
        3. Marketing plans

1. Product level: Peter England is now a complete wardrobe solutions brand with a portfolio comprising:

  • Peter England (core)
  • Peter England Elite for premium consumers
  • Peter England Casuals
  • Peter England Party Wear
  • Peter England Sporty collection from the PE CSK line

The brand has made a conscious attempt to capture its consumers by addressing their various requirements. This insight has come through a 18-month-long consumer survey that the brand engaged to understand the dressing habits of its core consumers.

 2. Retail level: Peter England Exclusive stores are well-designed with a unique shopping  experience. Well-trained and groomed staff serve customers. Visual merchandising plays a critical role in retail stores and Peter England balances the quality and selection of merchandise with the comfort level of consumers, as they shop.

 3. Marketing plans: Peter England has launched a 360-degree-marketing plan focusing on 

  • Launch of brand ambassador
  • Launch of new TVCs

Peter England launches new brand ambassador: The brand has, for the first time in its history, roped a national-level celebrity as its brand ambassador. The brand ambassador was chosen based on his ability to connect with the common man and convey the brand's message of self-belief and strong values. Siddharth of Rang De Basanti fame has the ability to be both relatable and aspirational to millions of young Peter England consumers. At the same time, he is the right personification of the core values of Peter England.

Peter England is ready to launch its new campaign, where the brand unveils its message 'Beginning of good things'. In truth, this is more than just a message; it is a philosophy that encapsulates the result of applying self-belief.

The credo of all forthcoming Peter England communication will be to capture a young Indian's spirit of hope and self-belief that enables him to move forward, every step of the way. In order to succeed, he must first believe that he can. Self-belief inspires him to do what he feels is best, not what the world tells him to do. In fact, the depth of his belief and the strength of his conviction determine all that he gains in life.

The robust 360-degree-campaign that addresses this young Indian will be seen across television, print, outdoor and digital media, in addition to Peter England's extensive range of over 2,000 retail outlets.

Comments Mr. Kedar Apshankar, COO, Peter England, "Peter England continues to win the trust of millions of consumers and enjoys  high brand recall. The brand's sheer strength to reach out to its consumers in every pocket of the country has made it the most-loved menswear brand in the country.  Peter England enables self-belief in the life of millions of young men in their initial years of their career".

Looking back, the brand that conceived the 'Honest Shirt' went on to sell a million shirts within the first two years of its launch. The 'Honestly Impressive' campaign that followed was greeted with interest. From just shirts and trousers, the brand had diversified to suits, a complete range of casual wear including denim, and recently, into party wear. The unforgettable association with the Chennai Super Kings has created exciting moments for the brand in its long journey.

Peter England has constantly evolved with changing trends, outliving many challenges in its path. Today, not only is it well-poised as a brand, but is also well-prepared with contemporary garments designed for the youth who are waiting for the beginning of good things.

More about Peter England
Peter England is the largest menswear brand in India with nearly 5 million garments sold every year. First launched by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle (then known as Madura Garments) in the mid-price shirt segment in 1997, the company acquired the world rights for the brand in the year 2000.

During the time, a new India was emerging; it was a land of growth and opportunity. The apparel consumption behaviour was undergoing a sea of change, and there was a huge market opportunity waiting to be explored. Consumers were exposed to branded formal menswear, but there were no dominant national players in the mid-priced segment.

Madura Garments recognised the huge opportunity that was theirs for the taking. With 4.5 million urban men who were in the market for shirts with international finish and quality, it was imperative that they find an international brand with a reputation for excellent quality and modern style at value for money prices. The search ended with Peter England that had, in the century since its inception, forged a name both for product excellence and for down-to-earth prices, reflecting in its tag 'The Honest Shirt'.

The launch of Peter England nationwide through a massive advertising campaign marked the entrance of the first international mid-priced shirt in India. It was clearly positioned as an international quality brand at honest-to-goodness prices. The brand found immediate acceptance with a large segment of the male population who wanted to look good at work without having to pay a heavy price. Peter England sold 400,000 shirts that first year.

Today, Peter England has a strong national presence with 400 exclusive stores and over 1,600 multi-brand outlets in more than 570 towns.

Peter England is universally accepted amongst millions of consumers for its standardised fits, superior quality, wide range and 'fashion-right' styles, making it the most trusted brand amongst consumers in the ready-made apparel category, as per studies conducted by Brand Equity, Economic Times, over the last three years.

With offerings in the mid-priced value for money range, Peter England has formal wear for young men in the early years of their career. The product assortment includes shirts, trousers, suits, blazers and accessories for 'Everyday' and 'Special' occasions.

It also offers 'Relaxed Office wear' and 'Weekend Casual wear' through its Peter England Elements line. This is an eclectic and stylish casual wardrobe including washed cotton shirts, denims, cargoes, jackets, sweaters and accessories.

Peter England also offers a complete range of sub-premium formals through its sub-brand Peter England Elite, meant for the young manager. The wardrobe includes a complete array of fine-crafted formal shirts and trousers, sharp suits and blazers, and accessories. The look is progressive, international, and one of understated elegance.

Peter England partners with the IPL team, Chennai Super Kings, as the official 'Off the Field' apparel sponsor. Building on that relationship, the brand has launched an exclusive product line called PE-CSK, which reflects the sporty-casual attitude of the team.

A recent foray for Peter England has been in the world of 'Club wear', called Peter England Party. This line offers affordable club wear with mainstream sensibilities.

Peter England etched its beginnings in the latter half of the 19th century, when the foundation for a five-storied building was laid in Londonderry, Ireland, in the summer of 1889. Three years later, an imposing factory had come up on the site, humming with heavy looms and machinery. It was considered a modern industrial marvel, and the press of the time described it as 'magnificent' and 'awe-inspiring'. The brand's debut was even more inspiring considering that the world was in the midst of conflicts and the shadow of the Great War was looming over the United Kingdom. But the clouds of war also brought in prestigious clientele - the British war ministry placed an order with Peter England to outfit the troops being sent to fight in the Boer War.

This was a turning point in the history of the brand. The order meant that the highest quality apparel had to be delivered at an honest price, a challenge that Peter England met with outstanding success. It is a story that has been replicated in the following years as a testament to the quality and the value-for-money offered by each Peter England shirt.

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