Lp brings in Fashion Formals for the global generation

22nd January, 2008

Lp - the youth brand from Louis Philippe, has introduced new Fashion Formals range for today's young and successful urbanites. This range is for those who need wardrobe versatility in their everyday formal clothing. The range exquisitely designed for today's youth exudes élan, style and success which personifies today's youth. Lp is for the young achiever who is in a hurry to make a mark in this world and yet, wouldn't compromise on either the fun or the values enroute.

The Lp Fashion Formal collection has an exciting range of shirts, trousers, suits, jackets and accessories, priced from Rs. 1200 onwards, to provide a complete wardrobe to compliment those killer instincts at your work area. This exhilarating range of ultra-modern formals, crafted with love and passion and a discerning eye for detail, has been styled by a group of ace designers from New York and Bangalore at a design laboratory aptly called ThincTank New York. "Finis Coronat Opus" or quite simply, "the finish crowns the work" - with this design philosophy, every garment in this line is a trove of hidden treasures with subtle nuances that will delight the wearer and allow him to discover something new everyday.

There are shirts with fine embroideries on inner sleeve plackets, trousers with a special tape on the inner waistband tucked under the trim fabric to be revealed to the delight of the wearer, suits and jackets with the centre button on the sleeve stitched with the thread of the brand colour to make a subtle statement, and more! Available in two trendy fits in shirts and denims, four in trousers and three in suits and jackets, the range has ample options for today's youth to adopt the wardrobe to one's individual preference.

Mr. Vishak Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Louis Philippe, elucidates on the highlight of the new brand,"Lp's focus is on lifestyle merchandising with colour zones appealing to the youth. Further, each and every garment has a hidden treasure, for example, patented cuffs that reveal a special styling when rolled up."

The success of the service industry and the overall growth in the economy in the country has created enormous purchasing power in the young. Youth is also a very dominating influence today in India. Lp ascertains the new style mantra for this new generation, Lp prides itself as the trendsetter for the typical youngster who is cool, stylishly spirited and confident with an eye on tomorrow.

Lp comes to the market across the country with stores created by the famous European architect, John Marsala along with a support team at ThincTank New York. Lp is also available at leading men's wear stores spread across the country through exclusive shop-in-shops and at select House of Louis Philippe and Planet Fashion retail spaces.

For further information, contact:
Ms Janet Arole
Media Relations Manager,
Madura Garments